COVID-19 Resources part six

I haven’t bothered to look up just how long we’ve been quarantined by the coronavirus but it feels so much longer than I’m sure is… I hope you are hanging in there. We should all feel really good about how well we’ve done at flattening the curve. Virtual applause and pats on the back to you!

Have you ever seen so many birds?

If you’re like me, feeding and watching the birds outside my window has become an important way to stay connected with nature. I also see and hear them during my many walks around the neighborhood. I encourage you to download the Audubon Society’s bird app so you too can identify and track your local birds!

Give your immune system a boost with extra vitamin C & D

We all know that eating healthy and taking some extra vitamins during flu season is never a bad idea, right? Research shows that doing so can lessen our symptoms or help us avoid getting sick at all. Have you upped your daily vitamin C & D intake? If not, you should!

Read about how COVID-19 has affected the food supply chain and possible changes we can make

Since the pandemic hit, more people than ever need access to low cost food. Sadly, farmers are plowing over their crops because they don’t have a way to distribute their produce. The coronavirus has unveiled a lot of issues in our food supply chain. The question is, will we listen and learn?

Doctors protest lack of PPE with nude photos

German doctors have gotten creative and channeled their frustrations over a lack of personal protection equipment by posting nude photos of themselves. They are making the point that without proper PPE, they are vulnerable. They say a photo is worth a thousand words… and in this case, I very much agree.

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