As we continue to self-isolate across the US and the world, I’m sharing information not just about the pandemic but also things to distract and make you laugh. If you find something you think my readers would love to learn about, share it in an email ( and I’ll do my best to include it.

Report your current health status

By completing this quick questionnaire, you can share whether or not you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms. It’s a great resource to see if others in your zip code are sick and if they have tested positive. Use this website as a guide but not as gospel. Testing is not yet widely available so the best advice I’ve seen is to continue to stay home to lessen your possible exposure.

Listen to tips from a news reporter to who survived the coronavirus

Kaylee Hartung, a news reporter, contracted the coronavirus while covering the initial COVID-19 outbreak in the city of Seattle in the United States. She shares her story, symptoms and challenges in tracking down a testing facility that could confirm if she was in fact infected with the coronavirus. Kaylee also offers tips on what you can to do today, regardless of your infection status. (It’s a 20 minute listen at the beginning of the podcast.)

What are the most popular jelly bean flavors by state? 

As we near the Easter holiday, check out this interactive map of each state’s favorite jelly bean flavors! Do you agree with your state’s most popular flavors (if you hover over each state, you can see the top two runners up)? (PS, my favorite is buttered popcorn… controversial, I know!)

Social distancing is working!

A model has been created that projects hospital resource use based on COVID-19 deaths. First look at the United States as a whole, then select your state from the drop down menu. It’s scary to see the projections but knowledge is power.

Learn the basics about implementing widespread COVID-19 testing

I think we can all agree that access to more testing can help stop the spread of the coronavirus. However, testing is surprisingly complicated.

Masks made with love

We know that masks, gloves and other protective gear is getting more and more scarce as this pandemic continues. Crafters in Oregon are using their sewing supplies to make masks for healthcare professionals and those they are treating. It’s nice to hear how many people are spending time trying to help others through this crisis.

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