First and foremost, please take it upon yourself to shelter in place and LIMIT your visits to the grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, etc. Shop online or pick up your purchases curbside to avoid unnecessary exposure to others. My advice is to act as if you are infected with the Coronavirus and stay home. Doing so will lessen your exposure to others who might be infected and slow the spread of this pandemic.

See how COVID-19 has exploded

Watch the Coronavirus spread across the globe. It’s truly terrifying to see just how quickly COVID-19 traveled around the world. And, sadly, this is only going to get worse as more and more people get tested and recover. And, sadly, as more people die from the Coronavirus.

Your cell phone, the new tattle-tail

Using cell phone GPS data, this organization is updating a map with scores, depending on how many people are traveling during the coronavirus pandemic. Click on your state to see more detail, and then on your county for what’s happening in your neighborhood. Oregon gets a C grade. Come on everyone, we can do better than that!

Help independent restaurants

The Independent Restaurant Coalition has a proposal to help independently owned restaurants across the United States. They outline three strategies that can help our beloved bars and restaurants if our lawmakers pass the IRC’s relief options. Use their easy online form to connect your legislation.

Find out which Portland restaurants are offering takeout

Eater PDX is keeping a running list of restaurants that are still open for takeout and delivery amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are able to support your local favorites, please purchase takeout, gift cards for future use or just send them a donation.

Shopping for wine during the pandemic

In case you missed it, Winerabble co-founder Matt Talbot shares his grocery shopping tips for all you wine lovers. Having worked at four grocery store chains during his career, he knows a few things about how to shop safer and wiser during times of pandemic.

Virtual wine tasting, yup, its a thing!

If you’ve never been to a virtual tasting, I encourage you to check it out! They’re fun and educational, even if you don’t have the same wine in your glass. Small Willamette Valley Pinot producer, Nicolas-Jay, is offering a free virtual tasting tomorrow at noon PT. Sign up by clicking this link or search for your favorite winery website or social media platforms for upcoming tasting opportunities.

More free online learning opportunities

I suggest checking out the mental health and wellness courses to help with any feelings of anxiety, frustration, sadness or isolation you experience while we’re all sheltered in place.

In case you missed my previous COVID-19 resources post, click the link below for more information… and cats with dominos!

COVID-19 Resources part one

Please stay safe and healthy by staying home! The more we can lessen the spread of the coronavirus, the better off we all will be.

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