Customer service at Lynmar Estate

Customer service is king at Lynmar Estate

As a wine steward, there are many factors to my success. But to me, one stands above the others– customer service. My company stresses customer service since it is crucial to sales and repeat business and I take pride in providing a high level of it. So, when I am the beneficiary of great customer service, I feel compelled to share my experience.

Michele has written a couple terrific posts about our stay at Lynmar Estate and the spectacular Bliss House. If you haven’t yet read them, I suggest you do (look for the links at the bottom). I wanted to write a short post about the service shown by Hospitality Manager Michael Cima, Associate Winemaker Pete Soergel and the rest of the Lynmar Estate staff.

Michael took us on multiple tours of the vineyard and Pete walked us through the winery, even sharing some barrel sample tastes during our visit. He brought some to the tasting room when we first arrived as well. Michael was always available to show us around or answer any questions. They and the rest of the staff were very friendly, laid back and genuinely happy to share their time with us. The staff takes a lot of pride in Lynmar and the property, and that pride really shows.

During our stay, the Lynmar Estate tasting room changed from being able to walk in for a tasting seven days a week to by appointment only. I have a lot of respect for why they made this decision as it demonstrates their absolute commitment to customer service.

Michael explained that Lynmar made the change because they want to be able to talk to their customers. When there were 60 people in the tasting room, the staff found it difficult to fully tell the Lynmar story. You can’t talk about the vineyard, the clones, the wines, the sustainability processes, the owl boxes, the lagoon or Huntress– the vineyard cat. Being able to talk directly to their customers is very important to the Lynmar team.

By switching to appointment only, Lynmar is attempting to create a more personal wine tasting experience as well as a more pleasant and educational time. It also allows visitors to experience the first-rate level of customer service the Lynmar staff provides. And I think the change will serve everyone well, both tasting room guests and winery staff.

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