Winemakers throughout the Willamette Valley are making some serious rosé wines these days. Rosé, like many teenagers, suffered an awkward, blushing adolescence as sweet, mass-marketed White Zinfandel. Patton Valley Vineyard and other Oregon wineries are working to change those preconceived notions and spread the word that dry rosé wines are all grown up now.

Not only do they pair well with most foods, rosé wines make super summer sippers with their chilled temperatures and low alcohol levels. And they look pretty glamorous in your glass too!

Join fellow rosé wine lovers at Patton Valley Vineyard’s Drink Pink event on Saturday, July 14 from 12-4pm.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Said Jennifer Kilfoil, Director of Marketing at Patton Valley Vineyard, “With so many Rosé lovers around the globe, we figured why not create a really special event specifically for them? We’ve invited some of our favorite Rosé producers from throughout the Willamette Valley and thought live music and great food would be just the complement to exquisite wines.”[/quote]

Fifteen of Patton Valley Vineyard’s favorite rosé producers are all pouring their newly released Rosé wines exclusively at the vineyard outside of Gaston and are eager to educate wine lovers. Rosé wine can be made a number of different ways and, as with any other wine, the results vary from vintage to vintage, year after year.

Winemakers often use the skin contact method, allowing the grape skins to linger in their juice until the sought-after flavor and color are achieved. Another common technique is Saignée, French for “to bleed,” where some of the juice is drained early on from a batch of red wine. This results in a more concentrated red wine and the juice that was bleed off is fermented separately to make rosé. An alternative to either of these methods is to simply blend some white wine with some red wine to form a rosé. Although it is against the law in most parts of France, some winemakers in the states do blend their rosé wines this way.

Not only will participants enjoy rosés made across the Willamette Valley but also paella cooked up in a makeshift kitchen within the vineyard by Portland-based Crown Paella. Those eaters looking for either a gluten-free or vegetarian option will find it as well. Live music, played by seven-piece Big Band Calamity Jazz, will add to the festivities.

Tickets are $45 per person and can be purchased by calling 503-985-3445 or visiting Patton Valley Vineyard’s website.

Saturday, July 14th from 12-4pm
Patton Valley Vineyard
9449 SW Old Hwy 47
Gaston, OR 97119

Map to Drink Pink at Patton Valley Vineyard

Tickets are $45 per person
Buy tickets here or by calling 503-985-3445

Most wineries make limited supplies of their rosé wines and often sell out quickly. It’s recommended that any favorites you find be purchased at this event so you can continue to enjoy them throughout the summer.

So come see how Rosé, once an ugly, redheaded stepchild, has matured into a gorgeous showstopper! Buy your tickets today so you can join in the fun and drink something pink in the vineyard at Patton Valley.

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