Flying Embers Passionfruit Elderflower hard seltzer

Flying Embers Passionfruit Elderflower hard seltzer

12 fluid ounces

5% alcohol


Organic, antioxidant vitamin C, live probiotics, gluten-free, vegan, keto-friendly


Bubblegum pink

Bouquet and palate:

This hard seltzer is fun and refreshing with notes of elderflowers, bing cherries, strawberry kool-aid, and passionfruit. It’s very flavorful, both sweet and tart on my palate, and nicely balanced with a tart finish. I also love the origin story for Flying Embers and how their wildfire experience motivated them to first support the fire fighters in their community, and now those in Talent, Oregon after the devestating Almeda fire in September 2020.

Flying Embers Passionfruit Elderflower hard seltzer back label

Our efforts in Oregon focused on the small town of Talent, OR that was devastated by the Almeda Fire. In addition to the over 42,000 civilians affected, the fire station itself burned down destroying their equipment and belongings.

To help, we started by donating $25,000 immediately to the local fire department to support the firefighters that are risking their lives, and with your help, we donated a portion of our online sales to complete our $50,000 donation goal and helped those who lost their homes and loved ones.

(from the Flying Embers website)

Food pairing suggestions:

Salad with faro and pomegranate seeds, pork chops with cherry sauce, summertime at the beach!

SRP $25 for a 12 pack

Flying Embers makes hard kombucha too!

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