Flying Embers Watermelon Chili hard seltzer

Flying Embers Watermelon Chili hard seltzer

12 fluid ounces

5% alcohol


Organic, antioxidant vitamin C, live probiotics, gluten-free, vegan, keto-friendly

Bouquet and palate:

If you enjoy feeling the burn of spicy chilies, this hard seltzer is for you! With flavors of salted watermelon and chilies, the spicy really kicks in after a few sips and makes itself quite comfortable in your mouth 😁 (However, it’s not so spicy hot like eating a scotch bonnet pepper!)

Food pairing suggestions:

Pair this watermelon chili seltzer with summer days, caprese salad, mac and cheese, ricotta cheese gnocchi. If you want to turn up the heat, drink it with spicy tacos, pork vindaloo, pad ka prao.

SRP $25 for a 12 pack

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Flying Embers makes hard kombucha too!

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