HighBridge Premium Cannabis Partners With Great White Industries of Arizona

PHOENIX, Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HighBridge Premium Cannabis is pleased to announce the recent signing of a Beverage Production Agreement with Great White Industries. Located in Phoenix, Great White is a leader in the Arizona Cannabis Industry. “Using their unique proprietary methods and techniques from around the world, Great White is the prefect HighBridge Premium partner,” said Dr. Susanne MacMahon, spokesperson for HighBridge. Adding, “This partnership will allow us to deliver world class recreational cannabis infused beverages throughout the state of Arizona.”

HighBridge, headquartered in Orange County, California, currently has 5 THC infused beverages production ready. Great White will first product the “one of a kind” HighBridge Aphrodisiac Shot: HigherLove targeted for production yet this month. The parties expect to be in full distribution of the entire line of HighBridge Products in the First Quarter of 2022.

All HighBridge THC infused beverages have been developed and formulated in conjunction with its Lab Partner, Ocean Blue Innovations in Hermosa Beach, CA (www.oceanblueinnovation.com). In addition to HigherLove, these include:

  • Alpine Rush™ and Halcyon Daze™ – full bodied “faux beer” beverages.
  • Re-Frsh ™ – Handcrafted botanical seltzers, currently in two flavors.
  • The Happy Can ™ – An Energy Drink designed for recreational use.

HighBridge is also formulating a line of “mocktails” in unique flavors to be sold as HighBridge “HighTales™”, it is expected these will be production ready in Q-2.

About HighBridge Premium Cannabis:
HighBridge Premium Cannabis (The Highbridge Company, LLC), in conjunction with its Lab and Marketing partners, develops and distributes premium beverages for the recreational cannabis industry. HighBridge is a Multi-State Organization and expects to be operational in 10 states by the end of 2022. In addition to California and Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Michigan, are targeted for Q1 & Q2. Oklahoma, Maine, Vermont, New York and Massachusetts are likely additions by end of year. For more information visit the company website: www.highbridgepremium.com

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