ICAN Hard Seltzers

ICAN hard seltzers

Wine from Washington + Natural fruit concentrates from the Pacific Northwest = Hard seltzer

7% alcohol

375ml can

Gluten-free, vegan, resealable

Mercer Bros. Wines, established back in 1886, got really creative this year and started making hard seltzers using their wine. They combined natural fruit concentrates, sourced from the Northwest, with some bubbles, and voila! Hard seltzer!

Their peach seltzer is made with a white wine base and all their other flavors; watermelon, wild berry, and black cherry, are made using their rosé wine.

I really loved how natural these flavors tasted! Well, the watermelon does have a bit of a jolly rancher finish but who wouldn’t like that?! They had great carbonation and stayed cool in their resealable cans. In fact, I still found bubbles when I reopened a can the next day! My personal favorite is peach and Matt liked the wild berry one best.

These ICAN hard seltzers
are great for all sorts of
activities; boating and
paddleboarding, hiking,
and camping, lounging
by the pool, picnicking
in the park, tailgating
before the game, playing
at the beach… the list
goes on and on!

Canned in light-weight aluminum with a resealable top, these hard seltzers are as versatile as your imagination. While we drank them straight out of the can, I do think they’d make great cocktail mixer too! Post a comment if you’ve tried ICAN hard seltzers.

SRP $3.49 for a 375ml can


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