Julian Freaky Tiki Tropical Pineapple Lime hard cider

Julian Freaky Tiki Tropical Pineapple Lime hard cider

12 fluid ounces

6.0% alcohol



Made with fresh-pressed Milton-Freewater apples, pineapple, and key lime juice, this hard cider is truly a tropical vacation in a can! The sweet fruit flavors are nicely balanced by bright, tart notes so don’t expect overly cloying sweetness. Drink it all summer long or in the doldrums of winter, when you need some liquid sunshine in your life.

Bouquet and palate:

Fresh pineapples // zesty // limes // soft bubbles // canned pineapple juice // bright

Food pairing suggestions:

Hawaiian chicken kabobs // chili peanut Vietnamese rolls // spicy scallop crudo with mango and pomegranate

SRP $13.99 for 6-pack

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