Truffle dish

Attention foodies– don’t miss your last chance to attend this year’s Oregon Truffle Festival!

The event returns to its roots for the final weekend, back where it began, in the Eugene area. Whether you want to make an entire weekend of it or enjoy a single memorable dinner, passes are still available if you act quickly.

A true bounty from the earth, truffles may look like ugly ducklings on the outside but the flavors they impart are pure magic. Our local chefs participating in this weekend’s festivities celebrate these earthy nuggets of goodness, making them the main attraction of every bite, appetizer, entrée and, even dessert of the festival. And we must not forget the creative, truffle-infused spirits deftly mixed into an intoxicating martini your memory will savor long after your last sip.

Truffle-lovers are a passionate bunch so expect to meet new friends while enjoying the wonderful aromas and flavors of the festival. Much like fishermen and their exaggerated tales of enormous fish, you may hear stories about the biggest truffle found by your new acquaintances… ‘oh you should have seen it– the size of a grapefruit I tell ya!’ By the end of the weekend, you’ll likely be exchanging info and making plans for next year’s celebration.

Buy your tickets today!

What: Oregon Truffle Festival

Where: Various locations in the Eugene, Oregon area

When: Friday–Sunday, January 29-31, 2016


Price: varies, depending on the event or pass type

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