Oregon cider: Rev. Nat’s Sacrilege sour cherry Portland-style hard cider

Rev. Nat’s Sacrilege Sour Cherry Portland-style hard cider


5.0% alcohol

12 fl oz can

Gluten-free, no added sulfites

This cherry cider is the bomb! Rev. Nat married tart granny smith apples, Montmorency and Morello sour cherries with a splash of Bartlett pears and spices (including ghost chili pepper) into something that is so delicious we can’t stop drinking it. It’s tart and very quaffable on its own or as a mixer. We sometimes use it to make a drink we call the cherry bomb– half cherry cider and half rosé bubbles– a rather fun alternative to a mimosa on Sunday mornings (although we do drink it at other times of the day and night too).

This cider has a nice, complex flavor profile– must be because of all the different cherries and spices. If you’re at all worried about any heat from the ghost chili peppers, don’t be. I have never really been able to single that flavor out specifically.