Oregon cider: Rev. Nat's Viva la Pineapple Portland-style hard cider

Rev. Nat’s Viva la Pineapple Portland-style hard cider



6.0% alcohol

12 fl oz can


Tangy, refreshing, and tart, this pineapple cider was a bit like taking a tropical vacation! Its got pineapple fruit from the Philippines, along with apples mostly from Eastern Washington state (and a bit from other parts of the state as well as Oregon). Plus baking spices; cinnamon, cloves, and allspice, which added to the depth of flavor in the cider. A mere kiss of sweetness evolved into a long, tart finish.

Fun fact: Did you know Reverend Nat is a real person? He lives in Portland and is passionate about cider (go figure)!

Drinking it right out of the can was grand but it could also make a mighty fine mixer! Stay tuned for my cocktail recipe using the cider, coming soon 😃