2014 Brandborg Vineyard Pinot noir Bradley Vineyard

2014 Brandborg Vineyard Pinot noir Bradley Vineyard

Bradley Vineyard,
Elkton Oregon,
Umpqua Valley,
Southern Oregon,

14.3% alcohol

Screwcap closure 

224 cases produced

This wine is made from Bradley Vineyard’s Wädenswil Pinot noir clone, grown in ancient alluvial siltstone and sandstone, from grapevines that were planted back in 1983. Vines this old are coveted by winemakers for the complex aromas and flavors found in their grapes. Owner/winemaker Terry Brandborg has been sourcing grapes from this vineyard, just 1 mile from the town of Elkton, since 2002 and is deeply familiar with the fruit’s complexities.

Elkton’s weather is heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean so grapes grown there benefit from the cooling oceanic breezes, even during warm growing seasons. This vintage, along with the year before, broke records for being the warmest recorded. However, not only did these winds help to lower the temperatures but also created more airflow through the leaves and clusters, thereby reduced mildew and disease pressure on the grape growers. In order to protect their ripening fruit from these breezes, the grapevines grow thicker grape skins, which in turn, concentrates their flavors. Higher levels of natural acidity is another benefit of these winds from the ocean. I find these traits common in wines made from Elkton Oregon AVA fruit, including this Brandborg Pinot!

Don’t miss the opportunity to try this older vintage Pinot noir, one that’s been properly cellared all this time!


Cranberry red


Bing cherries // mushrooms // earthy // black cherries


Red plums // tart // cardamom // good acidity // cranberries // rose hips // cat tongue tannins

Food pairing suggestions:

Grilled miso portobello mushroom burgers // Tuscan white bean and sausage soup // mozzarella stuffed chicken parm

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SRP $33


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