Oregon wine: 2014 Native Flora Next Time Pinot noir ©Winerabble

Oregon wine: 2014 Native Flora Next Time Pinot noir

Dundee Hills

Willamette Valley


13.5% alcohol

Empty bottle weight:
16.7 ounces // 476 grams

Cork closure

680 cases produced

Owner/winemaker Scott Flora doesn’t like to release his wine before its time. He prefers to keep it cellared until he’s happy with how its drinking, then makes it available to his customers. Recently, Scott deemed this Next Time Pinot ready to drink! It’s not often you can get your hands on a 2014 Dundee Hills Pinot, so take advantage of this opportunity, will ya?

The 2014 growing season was HOT in all-caps! If you’ve read my posts on other Native Flora wines (links below if you haven’t), you know that their vineyard faces north, the first of its kind in the Dundee Hills. During the hot summer, these grapes– unlike most in the valley– avoided sunburn, retained their natural acidity and low sugar levels. After harvest, Scott aged this Pinot noir for 18 months in oak, of which just 20% was new. Since then, it’s been resting in the bottle, and is now ready for you to drink or age even longer!