Oregon wine: 2016 Hillcrest Vineyard Right Bank red blend

Oregon wine: 2016 Hillcrest Vineyard Right Bank red blend

Umpqua Valley
Southern Oregon

13.8% alcohol

Cork closure

95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet franc // Dry-farmed grapevines (meaning not irrigated)

Primarily Merlot, with just a splash of Cab franc, the grapes for this red blend were grown in sedimentary soil with higher clay content, making it very red. It’s actually quite rare and not found in many places, lending some uniqueness to the wine’s terroir. In fact, just about everything owner/winemaker, Dyson DeMara does at Hillcrest Vineyard is unusual and different than his winemaking peers in Oregon. Dyson craves information and exudes passion when talking about wine.

After studying and making wine all over the world over the last three decades, he uses those techniques learned elsewhere and puts them to use in Oregon. One long-held opinion– if the equipment or device wasn’t used to make wine a century ago, Dyson won’t use it either. A charismatic visionary, not once has Dyson’s wines failed to impress me! Stock up on this wine before it sells out.