2017 Brandborg Vineyard Coastal Cuvée

2017 Brandborg Vineyard Coastal Cuvée

Elkton Oregon
Umpqua Valley
Southern Oregon

13.1% alcohol

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Bouquet and palate:

This easy-drinking cuvée blend contains Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Pinot gris and Sauvignon blanc, all grown in the postage stamp-sized AVA of Elkton Oregon. Sweet starfruit and honeydew melon ease into notes of tart lemons and jasmine flowers, culminating in a spicy white ginger finish. This wine is a great summer sipper but also wonderful for those longing for warm, sunny days.

Food pairing suggestions:

Fresh grilled Dungeness crab, tom kha soup, spicy vegetable tamales.

SRP $16


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