2017 Brandborg Vineyard Sparkling Whale Song Blanc de noir

2017 Brandborg Vineyard Sparkling Whale Song Blanc de noir

Ferris Wheel Estate Vineyard,
Elkton Oregon,
Umpqua Valley,
Southern Oregon,

12.2% alcohol

Empty bottle weight: 32.0 ounces // 908 grams

Cork and cage closure 

LIVE-certified vineyard

56 cases produced

Méthode champenoise

I find that owner/winemaker Terry Brandborg achieves the most interesting texture in his sparkling wines. In all his bottles of bubbles, both méthode champenoise and pét-nats, an abundant creamy, almost foamy/frothy texture always seems to be present. I find it so appealing with each bottle of sparkling Brandborg wine I pop open!

The Whale Song blanc de noir is made in the traditional style (méthode champenoise) using Pinot noir grapes grown at the 50-acre vineyard planted by Terry and his wife Sue. If you want more info on how bubbles are made, click here to read the first in our three part Bubbles… explained series. Located up at 1000 feet elevation, high in Oregon’s Coast Range with views of the nearby Umpqua River, the grapes thrive in the cooler temperatures. These conditions help the grapes retain their natural acidity, resulting in wines with higher acid levels. This means brighter, exceptionally food-friendly wines. Follow this link to read our Acidity Wine 101.

Since the Brandborgs have an affinity for orcas, they chose to name this wine “whale song.” In fact, their love of these oceanic giants runs quite deep– Orca is their corporate business name too. Serendipity also intervened when they discovered that, in Latin, the word orca means shaped like a barrel or cask!


Sunshine yellow


Grilled lemons // red apples // lemongrass // toasted marshmallows // Meyer lemons


Quince // fresh croissants filled with lemon curd // tart // foamy texture // red apple skins // lemon zest // vigorous bubbles // lemon bars // bright acidity // long finish

Food pairing suggestions:

Linguine with mussels and fresh herbs // fried chicken // cheese board with kale pesto crostini // Brandborg also suggests pairing with oysters and sushi

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SRP $54


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