2017 Montinore Estate Teroldego

2017 Montinore Estate Teroldego

Willamette Valley,

12.2% alcohol

Cork closure

Certified organic wine made with biodynamic grapes, indigenous yeast

Teroldego, pronounced te-rol-de-go, is a red grape varietal from Italy’s Trentino-Alto Adige region. The Italians have grown Teroldego for close to 500 years, but by the 1980s, both growers and drinkers had lost interest in the grape. Elisabetta Foradori, whose family had farmed in the region for 50 years, is credited with reviving the varietal. She saw the potential in the grape and, with careful cultivation, Elisabetta almost single-handedly improved its reputation. With this bottle, you can get a taste of Northern Italy as it’s made from cuttings taken from Elisabetta’s own vineyard, grown right here in Oregon!

Possibly a relative of Syrah, Pinot noir, and Lagrein, the experts don’t yet know or agree on its exact linage. Small quantities of Teroldego are now found around the globe, including this block, planted in the warmest spot within the 200-acre Montinore Estate vineyard. If there are other plantings in Oregon, I’ve not heard of them.


Magenta red


What interesting aromas this wine had! Fruity notes of black cherries and raspberries quickly transformed into red licorice, maple syrup, and smoked meats.


This wine was a perfect example of the adage that you should never judge a wine by its color. Based on the opaque magenta red, I expected it to be more robust but, instead, this wine was much more delicate than I had anticipated. It was quite fruity with flavors of red cherries, raspberries, and red licorice, all carried by bright acidity. Almost gritty in texture, the tannins added compelling structure to the wine, that ended in a lingering, fruity finish.


A quick decanting will ensure this Teroldego is well-integrated before drinking with your meal. I suggest pairing it with falafels, spaghetti carbonara, beef brisket, Instant Pot roasted duck.

SRP $40


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