Oregon wine: 2017 Native Flora The Heretic Pinot noir ©Winerabble

Oregon wine: 2017 Native Flora The Heretic North Slope Pinot noir

Dundee Hills

Willamette Valley


13.8% alcohol

Empty bottle weight:
16.4 ounces // 467 grams

Cork closure

188 cases produced

The grapes in this particular wine were grown on the north slope of Scott and Denise Flora’s vineyard, located on the back side of the Dundee Hills. When they purchased the land and began planting vines, because their vineyard wasn’t south or east-facing, neighbors believed these nonconformists were commiting heresy– hence this wine’s name. While the couple do have a great sense of humor, they take their winemaking very seriously.

The Heretic contains Pinot noir clones 667, 115 & 828, all grown on the property’s steepest elevation. Due to the 30% grade, managing this block of grapevines requires a lot of extra work. Fortunately, they knew this from the start and utilized a unique trellising system where their grapes grow higher than usual. Doing so allows their flock of sheep to graze and roam between the vines, mowing and fertilizing as they go, without devouring the ripening fruit.