2017 Wild Wines Aronia Berry wine

2017 Wild Wines Aronia Berry wine

Applegate Valley,
Rogue Valley,
Southern Oregon,

11% alcohol

Cork closure

Organically grown estate fruit

Native to North America, the Aronia berry – also known as chokeberry– is dark purple and filled with antioxidants. In fact, Aronia berries have more antioxidants than açaí berries, pomegranates, and even blueberries. Antioxidants fight free radicals, which can lead to cancer or heart disease. Wild Wines owner/winemaker Carla David grows the Aronia berries for this wine, picking them in late summer or early fall, at peak ripeness. Because the fruit doesn’t have enough natural sugar to convert to alcohol without some help, she adds organic sugar– and wine yeast to jumpstart fermentation– eventually bottling her Aronia berry wine, which is chock full of healthy, beneficial things for both your body and mind.


What an interesting bouquet! Fruity smells of red plums were followed by classic Oregon aromas of cedar and damp fallen leaves. 


I found this wine to be light and tart with an interesting earthiness to it. Flavors of black plums and ripe blackberries mingled with faint peppermint camphor notes, ending in a slightly sweet finish. I loved how well the fruit and earth components wove together, becoming something both memorable and quite unique. 

Food pairing suggestions:

Hazelnut-crusted salmon, buttermilk goat cheese panna cotta, braised fennel topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano.

SRP $20


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