2018 De Ponte Cellars D.F.B. Melon de Bourgogne
2018 De Ponte Cellars D.F.B. Melon de Bourgogne

Dundee Hills
Willamette Valley

12.5% alcohol

Cork closure

Melon de Bourgogne, pronounced MAY-loan duh ber-GOHN-nya, is widely planted in the Loire valley region of France, where it’s known as Muscadet. While there are small plantings in West Coast states, if you want some Melon, you’ve got to really search it out. We did some detective work for you, finding a lovely example grown and produced in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Bouquet and Palate:

Mineral notes of wet stone and gravel dust combine with tart lemon and lemon zest for a creamy, generous mouthfeel. Drinking this wine is a little like eating lemon curd-filled cupcakes during a light summer rain shower.

Food pairing suggestions: 

Seared scallops with garlic basil butter, clam chowder, veggie burritos.

SRP $25


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