Oregon wine: 2018 Dion Vineyard Winemaker's Reserve Pinot noir ©Winerabble

Oregon wine: 2018 Dion Vineyard Winemaker’s Reserve Pinot noir

Laurelwood District
Chehalem Mountains
Willamette Valley

13.9% alcohol

Empty bottle weight:
22.8 ounces // 647 grams

Cork closure

The 2018 growing season was warm but didn’t have any major heat spikes like in other years. Because the warm, dry temperatures continued into September and October, winemakers and grape growers across the Willamette Valley were able to pick when they felt the fruit had reached optimal ripeness, which is not always the case. (Click here to read more about the 2018 growing season.)

Each year, owners/winemakers Beth Klingner and Kevin Johnson select 6 barrels with the best tasting estate-grown Pinot noir to blend into their Winemaker’s Reserve. Since each individual barrel imparts different flavors, aromas and textures into the wine inside, some will do magical things with the juice they hold. This Winemaker’s Reserve–made with Pinot noir grapes grown in Laurelwood soil–was structured with a nice richness to it, making it a great pairing for heartier, meatier dishes.

Pro tip: If you ever get the opportunity to barrel taste at a winery, do it! It will offer such an education on just how different the same wine can taste after aging in separate barrels.