2018 J. Wright, Vintner Oregon white Pinot noir

2018 J. Wright, Vintner Oregon white Pinot noir

Van Duzer Corridor,
Willamette Valley,

13.5% alcohol

Empty bottle weight: 28.3 ounces // 804 grams

Screwcap closure 

Owner/winemaker Joe Wright has been making wine in Oregon since the 1990s. He’s the Director of Viticulture and Winemaking for the nearly 500-acre Left Coast Estate and started his own wine brand, J. Wright, Vintner, in 2015. Joe makes a white Pinot noir for Left Coast too, however, he uses solely stainless steel for theirs.

A big advocate of the philosophy that wine is made in the vineyard, Joe spends each growing season nurturing the grapevines with the goal of producing the best possible fruit come harvest time. The Pinot noir grapes in this wine are grown on a west-facing slope at 400 feet elevation. The soil is marine sediment and each warm afternoon, like clockwork, the Van Duzer Corridor funnels a cool breeze in from the Pacific Ocean, a mere 37 miles away. As those daily winds whip through the vineyard, they lower the temperature during the hottest part of the day. The grapevines need to be hearty in order to handle the breezes and the grapes develop thicker skins as protection.

Grapes from the new Van Duzer Corridor AVA are known for higher acid levels, primarily due to the winds that blanket the area. Joe embraced the natural acidity in this wine’s grapes. After harvesting the fruit, he allowed some skin contact in order to achieve a splash of color in the finished wine. Aging the white Pinot in oak barrels added additional texture and layers, and created a pleasant mouthfeel that I find a little challenging to accurately describe. The best I can do is chalky. I encourage you to buy a bottle and share your mouthfeel suggestions in the comments!


White peach


Sweet cherries // lime zest // grilled pink grapefruit // brioche rolls


Meyer lemons // bing cherries // limes // bright acidity // watermelon rind // rainier cherries // mouthwateringly tart // pink grapefruit // chalky mouthfeel

Food pairing suggestions:

Cheese plate // summer salads // grilled corn and crab pasta salad // pork piccata

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