2018 Johan Vineyards Chardonnay

2018 Johan Vineyards Chardonnay

Johan Vineyard,
Van Duzer Corridor,
Willamette Valley,

13.2% alcohol

Empty bottle weight: 21.6 ounces // 613 grams

Cork closure 

Biodynamic, organic, Demeter, native yeast

Johan Vineyard is a sprawling, biodynamically-farmed 175-acre property located in the newly approved Van Duzer Corridor AVA. The appellation is named for the weather phenomenon we refer to as the Willamette Valley’s air conditioning. At about 3pm on warm summer days, when the afternoons heat up to 65-70°F, a wind event is triggered that sucks cool air inland from the Pacific Ocean, through a small gap in the Coastal Mountain range. The wind can be pretty intense, and if you’re out wine tasting and not prepared for it, it can blow over wine glasses and rip patio umbrellas.

The Van Duzer winds also have quite an effect on the grapes grown at Johan Vineyards. The grapevines produce smaller berries with thicker skins that help to concentrate their flavors and retain more natural acidity. Since the grapevine clusters have regular airflow, the wind also helps to mitigate some diseases, including powdery mildew.

I found this quote on Johan’s website that speaks volumes about their wine growing philosophy:

Our winegrowing is guided by the objective to authentically interpret our farm’s identity through the creation of wine. We believe the sense of place, the essence of our farm, is best expressed through our deep commitment to Biodynamic farming practices, native-yeast fermentation, and minimal intervention in the cellar.


A combination of four Chardonnay clones, three known for high levels of acidity, plus a smidge of Dijon, were all combined together before aging for 19 months in oversized barrique barrels. The resulting wine had aromas of freshly cut and charred lemons, along with toasted marshmallows and barrel toast.


This Chardonnay had a really nice texture and weight to it! With bright acidity and an earthy hint of asphalt, lemons really are the star of the show here, with flavors of tart lemons, fresh lemon zest, and grilled lemons.

Food pairing suggestions:

Chicken pot pie // crab cakes and potato salad // roasted spaghetti squash carbonara

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