2018 Johan Vineyards Pinot noir

2018 Johan Vineyards Pinot noir

Johan Vineyard,
Van Duzer Corridor,
Willamette Valley,

13.6% alcohol

Empty bottle weight: 21.9 ounces // 600 grams

Cork closure 

Biodynamic, organic, Demeter

Don’t you just love the art on this wine label? Created by Portland-based artist Yong Hong Zhong, who painted a distinct tree on the Johan property during each season of the year. This Pinot sports the summer look, and click here to see the winter tree scene on their 2018 Chardonnay. During our recent visit (late spring), I took a photo of this very same tree!


Ruby red


Herbaceous rosemary and gravel dust embraced fruity aromas of ruby red grapefruit, along with both black and sour cherries. Earthy undertones of mushrooms and sandalwood were also present with every sniff.


Made using biodynamically-grown Pinot noir grapes, this wine had a broad, full mouthfeel with prominent tannins and acidity. Tart flavors of cranberries and ruby red grapefruit were nicely balanced by ripe raspberries, red plums, black cherries, and cherry soda.

Food pairing suggestions:

Tartlets filled with bacon and pecans // herb-roasted guinea fowl // creamy pasta with crispy mushrooms

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