Oregon wine: 2019 Bells Up Winery Titan Pinot noir ©Winerabble

Oregon wine: 2019 Bells Up Winery Titan Pinot noir

Willamette Valley

13.2% alcohol

Empty bottle weight:
17.1 ounces // 487 grams

Cork closure

74 cases produced

Like a symphony with several musical instruments, this wine combines three clones of Pinot noir grapes from two vineyards, and the resulting sum is greater than the individual parts. Owner/winemaker Dave Specter blended younger Pommard grapes from the Bells Up estate vineyard with clones 115 and 777 from Yamhill-Carton’s Tonnelier Vineyard. The result? Named for Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 in D Major “Titan,” is a unique representation of a Willamette Valley Pinot noir. Mouthwatering with notes of earth, spice and red fruit, this wine was also spicy on its first day open. It’s not often I get to use aleppo pepper in my tasting notes! Prominent tannins mellowed with oxygen exposure. A full mouthfeel and long finish previewed what could be.

If I can tempt you to leave half the bottle until day two, you’ll be rewarded with a peek into how this wine will age. Cat tongue tannins aligned, spicy notes dropped into the background and a wonderful elegance emerged. Do your future self a favor and stock your cellar to enjoy a few years down the road. (In fact, do this with all the 2019 Willamette Valley Pinots you can!)