2019 Brandborg Vineyard All Hands Gewürztraminer Pétillant Naturel

2019 Brandborg Vineyard All Hands Gewürztraminer Pétillant Naturel

Elkton Oregon,
Umpqua Valley,
Southern Oregon,

12.2% alcohol

Crown cap closure

112 cases bottled by hand

Grape: Gewürztraminer

If you’re not yet familiar with Pét-nat wine, you might want to stop and first read my bubbles…explained series. Click here for the first of three articles on the topic.

Call me crazy, but this wine had aromas of maple bar donut and cake icing! It also had tart notes of Granny smith apples and asian pears that evolved into white ginger and jasmine flowers. Let me just say that, along with all the unique aromas and flavors, this Pét-nat had so many bubbles!! Those bubbles created great texture and an almost foam-like sensation in my mouth, which was a fun feeling. The gewürztraminer grape added some sweetness but the finish was dry. It was a really fun wine you really ought to order before Brandborg Vineyard sells out!

SRP $27


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