2019 Brandborg Vineyard Oregon Pinot gris

2019 Brandborg Vineyard Oregon Pinot gris

Elkton Oregon,
Umpqua Valley,
Southern Oregon,

14.1% alcohol

Empty bottle weight: 18.6 ounces / 530 grams

Screwcap closure

432 cases produced

Oregon winemakers are a tough bunch, figuratively making lemonade from lemons when weather hits at the worst times during the growing season. In 2019, owner/winemaker Terry Brandborg watched as a 50-year snowstorm hit in late February, right when the grapevines were awakening and sap was beginning to rise. Then a frost occurred during bud break, damaging the tender grapevine buds. Thankfully, the summer weather was splendid with even temperatures until right before harvest… when it began to rain. Not surprisingly, the entire growing season culminated in lower fruit yields. Nonetheless, Terry Brandborg, an experienced winemaker who has been through every one of these conditions before, found a way to coax this Pinot gris into a very quaffable wine! Amazing! Making wine in Oregon is most definitely not for the faint of heart 😉


Sunshine yellow


Tropical aromas of starfruit and pineapples as well as underripe apricots rose from my glass as I swirled this wine.


With abundant minerality of wet stone and acidity, this Pinot gris had tons of tart lemons as well as tropical fruit flavors of pineapples and starfruit. Honeydew melons, kumquats, and apricots added both flavor and texture to the wine. Both clean and layered, it finished with notes of honey and beeswax.

Food pairing suggestions:

Seafood is a perfect pairing with this Pinot gris! Pan-fried squid with chilled borlotti beans, sheet pan seafood bake with buttery wine sauce, or a non-seafood option of sweet corn stuffed poblanos would also be excellent with this wine.

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