2019 Fullerton Wines Fizzy by Nature Viognier

2019 Fullerton Wines Fizzy by Nature Viognier

Dion Vineyard,
Chehalem Mountains,
Willamette Valley,

12% alcohol

Crown cap closure

Native yeast

It’s a real treat to get your hands on a Viognier from the Willamette Valley since not much is planted there! Add some fizz and it’s akin to a cherry atop your ice cream sundae. 😉


Golden yellow


Floral aromas of honeysuckle and gardenia flowers, and…. interestingly, Spanish peanut skins!


This Pét-nat is off-dry, so technically it’s on the sweeter end of the wine spectrum. However, it also has abundant acidity that nicely balances the sweetness. By bottling before the end of fermentation, some bubbles are retained, hence the “fizzy by nature.”

I tasted a wide variety of flavors in this wine. Everything from honeysuckle flowers, underripe mangos, and honeydew melons. And also mandarin oranges, green apples, honey stick with a pineapple juice finish.

Food pairing suggestions:

As the label suggests, a picnic with friends is an excellent way to drink this Pét-nat! Pour carefully (and often), and enjoy responsibly. Some other ideas are ham and brie baguette sandwiches, salad with apples and nuts, roasted tomato soup.

SRP $29


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