Oregon wine: 2019 J.C. Somers Vintner Abbey Ridge Vineyard Pinot noir

2019 J.C. Somers Vintner Abbey Ridge Vineyard Pinot noir

Abbey Ridge Vineyard

Dundee Hills

Willamette Valley


13% alcohol

Empty bottle weight:

24.0 ounces // 683 grams

Cork closure

Coury Clone

Winemaker Jay Somers proclaims the Abbey Ridge Vineyard to be one of the best Pinot noir sites in the New World… which is a pretty big claim! After popping open this bottle of wine, I must agree that the vineyard has a very distinct terroir that shines brightly in Jay’s finished wine.

It’s both rich and light, earthy yet fruity.

He’s been working with Pinot noir fruit from the Abbey Ridge Vineyard since 1993 and this particular block since 2001, giving him a deep understanding of both the grapes and terroir. While the saying goes that good wine is made in the vineyard, Jay– a winemaker so familiar with Pinot from this site– deserves immense credit for coaxing the very best aromas and flavors from Abbey Ridge fruit from this 2.5 acre block!

Buy a few bottles, one to open now and a few more for your cellar.