2019 Paetra Wine Co. Willamette Valley Riesling

2019 Paetra Wine Co. Willamette Valley Riesling

Willamette Valley

11% alcohol

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Native yeast fermentation

Paetra, pronounced pay-truh, is Latin for rock and owner-winemaker Bill Hooper is obsessed with them, specifically soil types. That and climate is what drew him to the Willamette Valley to make Riesling and a few other white wine varietals. Trained in Germany, where viticulture and winemaking are considered one and the same, he spends a lot of time working the blocks of grapevines he purchases from the local winegrowers. There he applies the techniques he learned in Germany, doing most of the winemaking work before the grapes leave the vineyard for the winery. Once harvested, he uses minimal intervention, gently coaxing the grape juice into wine.

For this Riesling, he worked with three vineyards in three AVAs; Van Duzer Corridor, Yamhill-Carlton and the Eola-Amity Hills. Each with different soil types, the ripe grapes offer slightly different expressions of the land. Immediately upon harvesting, the juice from all three vineyards was combined in stainless steel and allowed to spontaneously ferment with the native yeasts that hitchhiked into the winery on the grapes.

“As little as possible, as much as necessary” is the Paetra motto.


This wine has lovely aromas of lemon zest and jasmine flowers, with whiffs of that classic Riesling petrol nose. I liken it to opening a box of brand new kicks… I love that smell!


Mouthpuckeringly tart, it’s made in a dry style and is quite low in alcohol. I tasted citrusy lemons, granny smith apples, tropical flavors of starfruit and pineapple, combined with a lot of minerality and lime zest in the long finish. As someone who enjoyed sucking on lemons as a kid, this Riesling is right up my alley, filled to the brim with zippy acidity!

Food pairing suggestions: 

Chicken tikka marsala, oysters, fettuccini alfredo, anything spicy, or pair it with a hot day. This Riesling would be great to drink while preparing a big meal since wielding a knife while tipsy is never a good idea.

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