Oregon wine: 2021 Planet Oregon rosé bubbles ©Winerabble

Oregon wine: 2021 Planet Oregon rosé bubbles

Willamette Valley

13.0% alcohol

Empty bottle weight:
32.4 ounces // 920 grams

Cork and cage closure

2187 cases produced // dosage 3 g/L // LIVE-certified & Salmon-safe

Made using Pinot noir grown in the Willamette Valley, the grapes were whole-cluster pressed and left on the skins in order to impart more color to the wine. At bottling, the juice was force-carbonated to make it sparkle. Follow this link to read more about the different ways sparkling wine is made in our three-part Bubbles…explained series.

A portion of Planet Oregon’s profits are donated to the Oregon Environmental Council, an organization working to ensure Oregonians live healthier lives. Helping a good cause… do you need any more justification to feel good as you pop open this bottle of fizz?