NV Kramer Vineyards Blanc de noirs

NV Kramer Vineyards Blanc de noirs

Willamette Valley,

12.5% alcohol

Empty bottle weight: 32.1 ounces / 911 grams

Cork closure

Dosage: Zero

84 cases produced

Bottled: August 2019

Disgorged: November 2020

Methode traditionelle/Methode champenoise, whole cluster

Using reserved base wine from 2017, winemaker Kim Kramer then blended fresh juice from the 2018 pressings and co-fermented everything in stainless steel. She aged the wine on the fine lees until bottling in the summer of 2019. The bottles were laid to rest for over a year, then disgorged with zero dosage in November 2020, resulting in a finished sparkling wine that is 92% Pinot noir and just 8% Pinot meunier. Since both grape varietals are red, it’s considered a Blanc de noirs.


The aromas in this sparkling wine were akin to strolling through a lemon orchard immediately following a gentle rainstorm, the trees laden with ripe fruit, all while sucking on sweetarts! Yup, that’s exactly how it smelled.


Kramer definitely put the sparkle in this bubbly! Expect lots and lots of tiny bubbles, along with tart notes of lemon zest and granny smith apples. After the initial tartness, flavors of strawberries, red apples, and a full mouthfeel emerged, as well as toasted zwieback crackers. The finish was long and dry, prompting the urge for another sip.

Pro tip: considering how much work went into this wine, it is a steal of a deal so indulge yourself and go on a buying spree!

Food pairing suggestions:

This sparkling wine couldn’t be more versatile! Drink it with fried chicken, potato chips, truffle popcorn, cheese and charcuterie board, or toasted brioche rounds with crème fraîche and caviar.

SRP $34

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