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New OWP editor rabbles on

My name is Michele Francisco. I am so honored to be the new editor of Oregon Wine Press. I look forward to making new friends with those of you I have not yet met.

Reflecting on my education and career, it’s ironic how everything I’ve done previously prepared me for this role. First, I attended UCLA, where I studied and analyzed stories. It was there I repeatedly practiced composing compelling, persuasive opinions, earning a bachelor’s degree in English.

Shortly after college, I studied page layout and design in an intimate graphics program. I learned the art of pursuing the most elegant, yet simple way to express words and images on a blank page. While working as a designer, I became enamored with marketing and crafting convincing messages for my audience. Whether words, design or marketing strategy, I have spent my career sharpening and refining my communications.

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About the Author: Michele Francisco

Michele Francisco, a founder and regular contributor to Winerabble, a blog primarily about Pacific Northwest wines, is living the dream in Portland, Oregon. Her passion leads some to believe she's got wine running through her veins. Contact Michele at & be sure to visit her online portfolio at