Oregon Wine Press: Bovine and wine

Bovine and wine: Wineries enlist farm animals for a variety of reasons

After months of being cooped up, I’m ready to enjoy the outdoors. Lately, I’ve been craving wine and farm animals. Not eating them, but rather observing critters while sipping a glass of wine.

Fortunately, that pastime is never very far away. Throughout Oregon, bucolic winery settings include occasions to watch and, sometimes, interact with animals that call these farms home. But don’t presume for a minute these creatures idle away their lives.

Goats and alpacas trim insistent blackberry bushes. Explains Taylor Pfaff, Left Coast Cellars Estate CEO, “The goats will eat almost anything and can be used in dense hotspots of invasive growth or in areas with complex terrain where we can’t implement mechanized solutions.”

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