Pandemic shopping tips for wine lovers

With the spread of the coronavirus / COVID-19, much of the world is on hold, life locked in a can and no one going anywhere. Well, there is one place you can go, no matter what city or country you are in… if you are in a place that is under shelter in place, or SIP, then one of the only places you are allowed to go to is the grocery store. 

Winerabble has some shopping tips for you as you SIP.

  • Be patient and especially nice to the people working at the grocery store. Don’t forget that these people are WORKING… out in public while you are sequestered. They are literally putting themselves in harm’s way to make sure you have the basics to live.
  • Stock up on bottles of wine you like and see if you can get them in bulk. Most stores offer case or six pack discounts and can special order wines for you. Take advantage of these discounts and stock up. Believe me, sheltering in place is better with wine.
  • Thank your lucky stars that this calamity is happening during spring. If you are sequestered at home and have a patio, deck or balcony, that space is a godsent on a nice spring day. The flowers don’t get COVID-19, the sun is immune to the flu, the warm and fresh air of spring is regenerative. Enjoy it! Have plenty of fun whites like Albariño or Muscadet on hand, or of course the patio’s best friend, rosé! 
  • Rosé is often associated as a spring and summer drink. It brings to mind summer fun, warmth, being outside and doing outdoor activities. We need those future thoughts and feelings more than ever. If a glass of a lovely pink wine can virtually transport a wine lover to a summer on a lake while they are stuck in a studio then that’s a great glass of wine. 
  • And, most importantly, TAKE THIS SITUATION SERIOUSLY! This a pandemic, not merely an inconvenience, and needs to be treated with absolute seriousness. Please only go to the grocery store when you need to and stock up while you are there. Stores are doing their best to keep items in stock. Shopping when you NEED to, not for a break from being at home, lessens your exposure and as well as other shoppers and store employees.  

Be safe, be smart, be patient and be prepared.

Pandemic shopping tips for wine lovers

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