Pompette hard sparkling water

Pompette hard sparkling water

5% alcohol

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40 calories per ¼ bottle

Hard sparkling water is really just sparkling water, alcohol and flavoring… what’s not to love about that simple combo? Chilled, refreshing and bubbly… do I have your mouth’s attention yet? And, just 40 calories per drink (4 servings in a traditional 750ml wine bottle), you won’t bust your daily caloric intake as you sip away.

Pompette has four different flavors to make your palate happy 😃 Read about them below and let us know which flavors you like best in the comments!

Pompette Cucumber Lime hard sparkling water

Cucumber Lime

Tangy and bursting with limey flavors and aromas, the cucumber hits with a bitter burst. With subtle bubbles, this is a really easy-drinking sipper so don’t forget it does contain alcohol… pace yourself or you might down the entire bottle in quick order.

If you have an aversion to lemon-scented products, I’d suggest skipping this flavor, along with the lemon mint.

Pompette Lemon Mint hard sparkling water

Lemon Mint

Oh so minty and lemony! Tart and bright, this flavor is like a fizzy lemon drop! It’s really like drinking summer sunshine in a glass.

Pompette Clementine Berry hard sparkling water

Clementine Berry

Filled with blood oranges, mixed berries and kumquats, this one has soft bubbles paired with a heavier weight and mouthfeel than the previous two flavors.

Pompette Rose Hibiscus hard sparkling water

Rosé Hibiscus

Packed with bubbles, roses, and tangy hibiscus flavors, this one has a weightier mouthfeel and reminds me of vacations in Mexico drinking hibiscus juice!

The Pompette hard sparkling waters are a great way to take a virtual vacation or trip to the spa, or really for any other reason at all! I sipped them poolside on a lovely 70 °F day, basking in the sunshine and suggest you try doing the same 😉

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