Public Coast Brewing Co. blueberry hard seltzer

Public Coast Brewing Co. blueberry hard seltzer


4.5% alcohol

16 ounce cans


Public Coast Brewing Co. is first and foremost a brewery, but brewmaster Will decided to dabble in the world of hard seltzer, fermenting a batch of fresh blueberries with cane sugar. The results were great and convinced everyone at Public Coast Brewing Co. that they should make hard seltzer too!


The color is as vibrant as a fresh rose blossom!

Aromas and palate:

Soft bubbles washed over my tongue, carrying with them tart fruit flavors of blueberries, red raspberries, cherries, and watermelon, ending in a brief kiss of sweetness. Pair it with summer days, backyard barbecues, lazy river floats, and hikes through wildflowers and streams.

Look for this blueberry hard seltzer in Oregon grocery stores and bottle shops.

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