Saké Fest PDX

Saké Fest PDX is less than 2 weeks away so don’t miss your opportunity to sample from over 150 different bottles of saké, plus beer, plum wine and even whiskey! It’s an all-inclusive event so that means you can try anything and everything as many times as you’d like. And we’ve been told that drinking copious amounts of saké won’t result in a hangover… if you do dare to test this theory, please let us know the results!

These photos are a preview of the fun you’ll have so why not meet the Winerabblers at Saké Fest PDX this year? It’s on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at the Oregon Convention Center. Plan on using public transit or a Lyft home because you’re going to want to sample it all.

Get your tickets today:

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After seeing what fun this event is, you’re sold now aren’t you?! Then what are you waiting for, get your tickets now!

Please note that I assist with the public relations for Saké Fest PDX but whether I am paid or not, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this event, and know that you will too!

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