Suzie's organic kiwi mango hard seltzer

Suzie’s organic kiwi mango hard seltzer

12 fluid ounces

5% alcohol


Organic, gluten-free

Based in Pendleton, Oregon, Suzie’s plants a new tree for every 12 cans sold!! I love that! The world would be a better place if more companies did something like this.

To read more about where the trees are planted, click here to visit The Eden project website.


This hard seltzer is filled with green fruit aromas of ripe kiwis, tart green apples, and green mangos.


Suzie’s tagline is “Spiked Sparkling Water With A Kiss Of Fruit,” and that perfectly describes this beverage! It has loads of kiwi and green apple flavors, just a dash of tartness, and finishes with ripe mangos.

I love hard seltzers for when I’m craving something light and fresh! Since they’re both low in alcohol and high on water content, I like to joke that I’m hydrating while drinking one. I have no idea if one can hydrate while consuming alcohol but if you can’t, please just let me believe it’s true anyway, ok?

SRP $18 for a 12-pack and $11 for a 6-pack

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