The Shell House pomegranate sparkling hard seltzer

The Shell House pomegranate sparkling hard seltzer

5% alcohol

12 fluid ounce cans

Alcohol made from cane sugar, gluten-free

I honestly can’t remember when these hard seltzers became a staple in our house but no trip to Trader Joe’s is complete without filling the bottom of my cart with cases of these babies! Since discovering how light and refreshing these seltzers are, I can’t count how many cans we’ve enjoyed during the pandemic… Please accept my heartfelt apologies for not sharing my tasting notes with you sooner! 😉

While drinking hard seltzer, I love telling myself that I’m hydrating as I consume alcohol. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work like that but a girl can dream! If you haven’t yet tried all four flavors– raspberry, lime, Meyer lemon and, pomegranate– do yourself a favor and get some!

Bouquet and palate:

Aromas and flavors of pomegranates, watermelon candy, and raspberries galore. Refreshingly bubbly, it begins with some sweetness that eases into a slightly tart, bitter finish, much like eating an actual pomegranate! I love how portable these seltzers are. Once we are free to get together in groups again, I plan to toss these seltzers into the closest bag, along with my picnic blanket and cell phone, and meet up with all the friends I’ve missed seeing in real life since the pandemic began.

SRP $6 for 6-pack

Do you have a favorite hard seltzer? Please share it with us in the comments!

Look for more tasting notes on other flavors, coming soon.

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