The Winerabblers are road trippin’! We are loading up Rabble Rouser: our all-terrain, diesel-powered, Pinot-injected roadster and heading down to the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC). Bucolic Buellton, CA is our destination (about 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara), Portland being our launching point.

There are Rabbler clan to be found up and down the Golden State so stops to see family are part of our itinerary. But we are carving out time to stop at some interesting wineries on the way to WBC and back.

We met a lot of great folks from British Columbia last year in beautiful Penticton at the 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference. They were great hosts and guides during the conference and when we did some touring on our own down to Osoyoos post conference, their input was invaluable.

The Rabblers don’t forget. We are both from Santa Barbara and while we don’t know every winery from Oregon to the Mexican border, we do know Santa Barbara! So we want to repay the favor.

Who from beautiful British Columbia is driving down to WBC? While we are very proud Portlanders, we are Santa Barbarians (yes that’s the term!) by root.

This offer is not only for our fellow Pacific Northwestern pals. Anyone from anywhere who is attending that has a question let us know. It’s going to be a great time and we want to help folks enjoy their trip to the fullest.

The Rabblers are proud Barbarians and want everyone to enjoy their visit to our vey unique slice of the world. We’ve been fortunate that two of the last three WBC have been in our towns and we pride ourselves on being great hosts.

Just remember: we won’t be by the ocean! It will be a dry heat! Rewatch Sideways beforehand so you know exactly where you are staying. Make time to go into Santa Barbara- don’t come this far and miss a gorgeous city with great beaches and islands. And mountains. And famous people. And wineries.

(Why did we move again?)

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