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Valentine’s Day– too sweet or not too sweet?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Along with Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, it is one of the biggest wine and champagne holidays of the year. Wine and Valentine’s Day just go together.

Buying bubbles for your sweetie can be a daunting and sometimes confusing task. Here are a few tips for choosing what’s best for you:

If you want a dry, crisp sparkling wine that is not too sweet, buy a BRUT.

If you want a just a bit more sweetness, pick up an EXTRA DRY.

This can be confusing because when it come to still wines “extra dry” means less sweet, yet it’s the opposite when we are discussing sparkling wine.

BRUT is also a very good choice for mimosas since the juice that it is being mixed with will have sugars in it so using a drier sparkler will give your drink more balance.

EXTRA DRY is a good sipper and pairs quite nicely with spicy foods so if dinner on February 14 calls for a lot of heat, perhaps go with a bit more sweet.

Another fun pairing with bubbles is french fries! Truffle fries and a nice brut sparkler are a great match. The acidity of the wine works perfectly with the salt of the fries. Try potato chips or popcorn as well! It is a fun way to be fancy and funky at the same time.

These designations apply for champagne, sparkling wines, cavas, and proseccos.

So remember:

BRUT means dry

EXTRA DRY means sweet

Happy Valentine’s Day from Winerabble!

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