Wine 101: Vintage at a glance infographics

Winemakers often say that the best wines are made in the vineyard. We couldn’t agree more! Because weather differs from year to year, wines are different from vintage to vintage. This variability to exactly what makes wine so special (and tasty)!

As a society, we often forget that grapes are farmed, just like the fruits and vegetables we eat every day. Weather variability can– and will– affect the bottle of wine you’re drinking tonight. Knowing the weather that occurred during a specific year in a unique wine growing region can offer valuable insights into how a wine from there will taste.

In order to better understand the growing season in a particular area, I’ve created simple infographics for specific years. But first, let me explain the different growing phases of wine grapes and what impact the weather has on the grapevines and fruit. Keep reading to learn more about why these factors are so important. With any luck, this information will help you find your next bottle of wine.

Let’s start with the basics:

Winerabble Harvest icon

The life of a wine grape

After the grapevines awake from their winter dormancy, the plants go through five major phases during their growing season. The quality and quantity of the fruit at harvest are greatly affected by the weather events and daily temperatures that occur during these important growing stages.