Washington wine: 2018 Cairdeas Winery Concrete Syrah

2018 Cairdeas Winery Concrete Syrah

Lawrence Vineyard,
Royal Slope,
Columbia Valley,

14.7% alcohol

Cork closure

This is a great example of how interesting a red wine can taste after aging solely in a concrete egg. For this Syrah, winemaker Charlie Lybecker literally dumped half the grapes into open-topped fermenters without crushing or destemming. When no yeast is added, fermentation begins within the grapes themselves, resulting in carbonic maceration occurs. This technique tends to accentuate the fruity notes in a wine (think Beaujolais).

The other half of the grapes were traditionally fermented and then both lots were poured into 2-17 hectoliter concrete eggs. Each is equivalent to about 450 gallons, equalling roughly the same volume as 7 1/2 oak barrels. The egg shape creates a constant vortex– circulating and stirring the juice inside without any manual assistance. Concrete adds some really interesting texture to wine and winemakers all over the world are embracing it.


Royal purple


Carbonic maceration really brought out the fruity aromas of marionberries and raspberries in this wine! I also smelled mineral notes of gravel dust and earthy, herby bay leaf.


The best way I can describe this wine is like eating a bowl full of berries; raspberries, strawberries, and marionberries! Then add just a sprinkle of vanilla to the mix. After I swallowed, I felt a prickly sensation all over my mouth. This wine was quite unique with great texture and no time in barrel– very uncommon for a Syrah.

Food pairing suggestions:

Thanksgiving dinner, beet and citrus salad, mushroom and spinach tetrazzini.

SRP $45


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