Bryan Otis of Matthews Winery
Was there a specific wine, moment or place that unlocked your passion?

Bryan Otis: Ever since I was a little kid, I loved being in the kitchen and cooking. It’s such an empowering feeling. In my travels, I noticed a tremendous appreciation for food and wine throughout Europe, and coming home, knew it was inevitable that the United States would eventually follow. These all led me to dive deep into the food and wine culture here in Washington. 

What did you study in school and what were you doing before you started in the wine industry?

BO: I studied Communications in college, and worked in banking + tech before (and still) working alongside my family winery.  

How has being in the wine industry changed you?

BO: It’s a constant reminder of how little we really are in our control. Mother nature is a gentle boss. :)

What’s your favorite part of being in the wine industry?

BO: Pretty much everything. There is always something fun to work on, something new, people to vibe with, and great food and wine around. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think how lucky I am. 

Looking back, was there something in your past that led you to wine?

BO: See my first answer!

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