Steve Wells of Time and Direction Wines

Was there a specific wine, moment or place that unlocked your passion?

Steve Wells: It was more like a slow burn than a big aha moment. But when I went on the Washington Wine Commission’s Road trip in 2008 and visited vineyards and wineries all over the state of Washington, that sort of cemented Washington as the place where I wanted to make wine.

What did you study in school and what were you doing before you started in the wine industry?

SW: I have a BS in Dietetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison but I was a sommelier in New York City before I moved to Walla Walla to attend the Enology and Viticulture program at Walla Walla Community College.

How has being in the wine industry changed you?

SW: It has been the perfect place for me to use both my artistic abilities and scientific knowledge.

What’s your favorite part of being in the wine industry?

SW: The people in the Walla Walla wine industry are some of the most giving people I have ever met. 

Looking back, was there something in your past that led you to wine?

SW: If it weren’t for my adventurous spirit, I wouldn’t have moved away from Wisconsin to New York or then left New York for Walla Walla. Either that or I’m very reckless. 😃

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Steve Wells of Time and Direction Wines