Wildflower Semi-dry Draft Author Mead

6.5% alcohol



In case you don’t already know, mead is made using honey. But don’t expect this can to taste like you’re washing down a shot glass of honey. Nope, this mead is uniquely complex and quaffable.

With notes of flower meadow and gravel dust, there’s a slight hint of honey, combined with melon and tropical fruit flavors. It actually tastes quite like a light beer but with a subtle sweetness on the finish.

Pair this wildflower mead with tropical fruit on a stick (think mango with chili powder), cool summer salads on hot days or an afternoon lounging on the bank of a river.

At this point, Author Meads are available in the Portland metro area, as well as SW Washington. Look for them at your local grocery store or bottle shop.

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About the Author: Michele Francisco

Michele Francisco, a founder and regular contributor to Winerabble, a blog primarily about Pacific Northwest wines, is living the dream in Portland, Oregon. Her passion leads some to believe she's got wine running through her veins. Contact Michele at michele@winerabble.com & be sure to visit her online portfolio at www.michelefrancisco.com.

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