Winerabble 2020 year in review


Wow, what a year?! I know WE needed copious amounts of wine to get through 2020. How about you? With the many challenges this year, my mission has been to share with you as many wines and the stories behind the skilled winemakers as possible. Since the pandemic began, wineries (and other small businesses) desparately need your support!


If you can, please support them by buying their wines!


What libations helped you through 2020?!? We’d love to include them in our 2021 year in review!


Pinot noir


2018 Furioso Vineyards Pietro Pinot noir


2018 Hundred Suns Sequitur Vineyard Pinot noir


2018 Hundred Suns Old Eight Cut Pinot noir


2018 Ridgecrest Pinot noir


2018 Hyland Estates Old Vine Pinot noir


2017 Goodfellow Family Cellars Temperance Hill Pinot noir


2017 RR Pinot noir


2017 Montinore Estate Red Cap Pinot noir


2017 Irvine and Roberts Vineyards Convergence Pinot noir


2017 MonksGate Vineyard Classic Pinot noir


2017 Brandborg Vineyard Bench Lands Pinot noir


2017 Brick House Vineyard Les Dijonnais Pinot noir


2016 Montinore Estate Parsons’ Ridge Pinot noir


2016 Trisaetum Coast Range Estate Pinot noir


2016 Devona Mount Richmond Pinot noir


2016 River’s Edge Black Oak Vineyard Pinot noir


2015 Devona Freedom Hill Pinot noir


2015 Patton Valley Vineyards The Estate Pinot noir


2008 Six Peaks (formerly J. Albin) Winery Laurel Vineyard Pinot noir


Gamay noir


2018 Ridgecrest Gamay noir




2018 Smoky Rose Cellars Syrah


2017 Time and Direction Syrah


2017 K Vintners Syrah


2015 Abacela Reserve South Face Block Syrah


Red blends


2017 Walla Walla Vintners Columbia Valley Red Blend


2017 Troon Vineyard Cuvée Pyrénées


2016 Drink Washington State Escape to Walla Walla Red Blend




2016 Troon Vineyard Tannat




2017 Abacela Tempranillo Fiesta


2017 Plaisance Ranch Tempranillo


2015 Abacela Reserve Tempranillo




2018 ViNO CasaSmith Cinghiale Sangiovese




2017 Plaisance Ranch Malbec


Cabernet sauvignon


2015 Devona Cabernet sauvignon


2015 Kriselle Cellars Cabernet sauvignon




2016 Devona Merlot




2017 DAMA Wines Grenache


Tinta amarela


2016 Abacela Tinta amarela



Rosé wines


2019 Abacela Grenache rosé


2019 Smoky Rose Cellars Rosé of Cabernet franc


2019 Walla Walla Vintners rosé


2019 Sainte Béatrice rosé


2019 SMAK Summer rosé


2019 Furioso Vineyards rosé of Pinot noir


2019 MonksGate Vineyard Dry Rosé of Pinot noir


2019 SMAK Wines Spring rosé


2019 Plaisance Ranch Ginet rosé


2019 SMAK Wines Fall-Winter rosé


2019 Quady North Grenache rosé


2019 Troon Vineyard Kubli Bench rosé


2019 Chateau Roubine Cru Classé


2018 Montinore Estate L’Orange



Anything bubbly


2019 Troon Vineyard Piquette!


2019 Troon Vineyard Pét tanNat


2019 Brandborg Vineyard All Hands Gewürztraminer Pétillant Naturel


2019 Savage Grace Côt Pétillant Naturel Sparkling Wine


2018 Quady North Pét-nat


2016 Mellen Meyer Vine(archy)


2015 Argyle Brut rosé sparkling wine


2015 Six Peaks Blanc de noir sparkling wine


Mellen Meyer Willamette Valley Brut Sparkling wine


J Vineyards & Winery Brut rosé


Pierre Gimonnet et Fils NV Oger Grand Cru





2019 Mercer Bros. Chardonnay


2019 J.C. Somers Vintner Corrine Vineyard Chardonnay


2017 Devona Washington state Chardonnay


2017 Devona Freedom Hill Vineyard Chardonnay




2019 MonksGate Vineyard C12 Dry Riesling


2019 Paetra Wine Co. Willamette Valley Riesling


2018 Brandborg Vineyard Oregon Riesling


2017 RR Riesling


Pinot gris


2019 Ridgecrest Old Vine Estate Pinot gris


2018 Montinore Estate Pinot gris


2016 Keeler Estate Vineyard Pinot gris


Pinot blanc


2019 Paetra Wine Co. Pinot blanc


Sauvignon blanc


2019 J.C. Somers Vintner Sauvignon blanc


2017 Kriselle Cellars Sauvignon blanc




2019 Time and Direction Fretboard Viognier


2019 Plaisance Ranch Viognier


2018 Kriselle Cellars Viognier


Grüner Veltliner


2019 Ridgecrest Estate Grüner Veltliner




2019 Abacela Albariño


2019 Kriselle Cellars Albariño


Melon de Bourgogne


2018 De Ponte Cellars D.F.B. Melon de Bourgogne




2013 Brandborg Vineyard Gewürztraminer


Chenin blanc


2019 L’Ecole No 41 Chenin blanc




2018 L’Ecole No 41 Semillon




2018 SuLei Cellars Roussanne




2019 Red Lily Vineyards Stargazer Lily Verdejo




2017 ViNO Moscato


White blends


2018 Quady North Pistoleta


2017 Brandborg Vineyard Coastal Cuvée



Other wines


2017 Wild Wines Dandelion wine


2017 Wild Wines Aronia Berry wine


2017 Wild Wines Raspberry wine



Cocktail recipes


SMAK summer rosé cocktail


Lemon Basil Vodka Tonic Cocktail


Paloma Brava cocktail


NEFT Vodka Lavender Sky Cocktail


Mezcal Basil Margarita





Wildflower Semi-dry Draft Author Mead





Alter Ego Dark Royale Black Currant Cider



Hard seltzer


Flying Embers Passionfruit Elderflower hard seltzer


ICAN hard seltzers



Why Wine? interviews


Do you want to be profiled on Winerabble?


Why Wine? An interview with Andy Lytle of Lytle-Barnett 


Why Wine? An interview with Brad Binko of Eternal Wines


Why Wine? An interview with Dave Specter of Bells Up Winery


Why Wine? An interview with John Abbott of Devona Winery


Why Wine? An interview with Earl Jones of Abacela Winery


Why Wine? An interview with Andrew Albin of Six Peaks Winery


Why Wine? An interview with Steve Wells of Time and Direction Wines


Why Wine? An interview with Kelsey Albro Itämeri of itä wines


Why Wine? An interview with Jodi and Josh Roznowski of Smoky Rose Cellars


Why Wine? An interview with Ryan Woolfolk of Van Duzer Vineyards


Why Wine? An interview with Chad Stock of David Hill Winery


Why Wine? An interview with Jay Somers of J.C. Somers Vintner


Why Wine? An interview with Grant Coulter of Hundred Suns Wine


Why Wine? An interview with Fiona Mak of SMAK Wines


Why Wine? An interview with Rebecca Moore of MonksGate Vineyard


Why Wine? An interview with Jesse Lange of Lange Estate Winery


Why Wine? An interview with James Frey of Trisaetum Winery


Why Wine? An interview with Bryan Otis of Matthews Winery


Why Wine? An interview with Shae Frichette of Frichette Winery and Sashay Wines


Why Wine? An interview with Marcus Rafanelli of L’Ecole No 41


Why Wine? An interview with Joe Ginet of Plaisance Ranch


Why Wine? An interview with Mike Lempriere of Perennial Vintners


Why Wine? An interview with Miguel Marquez of Vino Veritas Wine Bar


Why Wine? An interview with Carla David of Wild Wines


Why Wine? An interview with Tom Huggins of Eola Hills Wine Cellars


Why Wine? An interview with Steve Anderson of Eola Hills Wine Cellars



Wine 101 series


Wine 101: Wine terms explained, Acidity


Wine 101: Wine terms explained, Mouthfeel


Wine 101: Bubbles… explained, part one


Wine 101: Bubbles… explained, part two


Wine 101: Bubbles… explained, part three



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